What is the difference between clear aligners and clear braces?

If you search the web for “clear braces,” you’ll probably get mixed results, and some conflicting information on what clear braces actually are. Let’s delve into this, to clear up any confusion and help determine which treatment may be best for you. When someone talks about clear braces, they will be referring to one of … Continue reading “What is the difference between clear aligners and clear braces?”

PROPEL to Decrease Orthodontic Treatment Time

Dr. Weber offers an innovative option for enhancing your orthodontic treatment, called PROPEL Orthodontics. PROPEL is “a patented, FDA-registered medical device specifically designed to create micro-osteoperforations.” Basically what this means is that very tiny punctures are created in your jaw with this device. These tiny punctures cause a localized inflammatory response, increasing blood flow and … Continue reading “PROPEL to Decrease Orthodontic Treatment Time”

Add AcceleDent® to Lessen Orthodontic Discomfort & Treatment Time

Weber Orthodontics offers an innovative add-on option for orthodontic treatments, called AcceleDent®. Let’s take a look at how this product works, and then delve into whether or not its claims are substantiated by actual users. How does AcceleDent® Work? You start orthodontic treatment because your teeth need to move. They may need to move up, … Continue reading “Add AcceleDent® to Lessen Orthodontic Discomfort & Treatment Time”

Vote for Us – Best of Omaha 2018

The 2018 Best of Omaha contest voting began July 1, 2017. Thanks to our fabulous patients, Weber Orthodontics has been a Winner in the contest the past three years. Dr. Weber and his team are so grateful for everyone’s votes, and hope you will get out the vote again this year. If you like our services, … Continue reading “Vote for Us – Best of Omaha 2018”

Where’s Weber?

Join in the Summer Fun with “Where’s Weber?” Going on vacation somewhere cool this summer, and want to earn some extra Wired Rewards points? Then take Dr. Weber with you. He loves to travel and have his picture taken in fun and exotic places! Click the button below to download Dr. Weber, and instructions on … Continue reading “Where’s Weber?”